Thursday, November 4, 2010

Way Too Busy!

We have been way too busy over here. In a bad way!

Thankfully, things abruptly slowed down for me and won't get busy again until mid-January. Randy's project is still keeping him working long hours at work and he is finishing up a few classes so he's done with his MBA in December. So there is some light at the end of the tunnel!

I was busy preparing for a trial. My client, a teacher is accused of having sex with a student. The student said at first it didn't happen, then it was 5 to 10 times, then it was 30, then it was 100 and finally, it was every time he saw her. There is no evidence, just his word against hers. We showed up to pick the jury -- 60 possible people from which to choose the jury of 12.

Well, since it's a small town and this is the biggest thing that's happened there in a long time, 33 of the jurors knew people involved in the case or said they heard about the case and said they "already had their minds made up." 14 of the jurors were dismissed for other reasons. We didn't have enough people to fill the 12 seats. So, that case is adjourned until January and things won't get busy again until then.

We have lots of cute pictures on the camera to upload, especially from we'll get to that this weekend.

My SIL posted four questions and tagged me to answer them! I've never done this before, I so need to learn blog etiquette better...but here it goes!

1) If someone were getting you a gift today, what would you most like to receive? The Weight Watchers calculator. :-) I am going to buy my own on Saturday and it's only $12...but I'm not going to run out with two kiddos to get it.
2) If you had $500 to give to one local charity, who would you give it to and why? 1/2 to the Innocence Project that works on cases to free innocent people from prison. Mostly with DNA evidence. 1/2 to the Humane Society. They just sent me pretty labels and I just sent them a check actually.
3) What's your favorite: Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate? Dark Chocolate, yummmmmmy.
4) Say you've got a magic gift certificate good for one gift, but it can't be for yourself or anyone in your immediate family...what gift would you get, and for whom? My friend Courtney is about to have her first baby sometime early next month. I'd get pre-paid cleaning people to do all her housework so that she can just spend time and energy on her new baby.